Welcome to the House of Jossey-Josey website! This beautiful site was originally designed and created by Jackie Josey Helfrich, beloved secretary-treasurer of The House of Jossey-Josey for many years. We are proud of this special place and appreciate very much all of the love and hard work Jackie put into developing it. If you are researching your Jossey or Josey ancestry, this is a great place to start!

At this site you will find information on the HOJJ reunions, past and future; Ancestor photographs and photos from past reunions; service records of Josseys & Joseys for various wars; and a wealth of genealogy information gathered and assembled by our Historian/genealogist, J. Edward "Bud" Josey.

Much of the existing information on this site is currently being updated and expanded, so check back often.

The members of the House of Jossey-Josey hope you will join us at our National Reunions.

Our historian, J. Edward "Bud" Josey, has published an 8 volume set of books on the genealogy of the Josseys and Joseys. The original printing of this fabulous set of books sold out years ago. Despite continued demand, no further printing is planned.

Does Bud have your family's information? Birthdates, wedding dates, children's names, grandchildren's names? Send it to Bud. His information is constantly being updated. Be sure your family's data is in his huge database. One day, your descendants might be looking for you and thanking you for this information!

If you have a question about the House of Jossey-Josey or this website, you can contact Bud at . Just be sure to put HOJJ or House of Jossey-Josey in the Subject line so I will know you are not spam.

All of us at the HOJJ thank you for taking the time to view our site. We hope you enjoy your visit here and will come again!


Willie Ray Josey 
President 2011-2015

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1 Oct 2015



Due to the large amount of visitors we have had on the Jossey-Josey web-site over the past year, that are looking to fill in their own missing links, we have decided to create a new web-site that will allow us to add more help so we can gather more information faster than just us going to the Court Houses. This is a huge undertaking for us, (We are now in our 80s) So with the help of others we will be able to bring you more information, faster, and it will continue for years to come. With your continued support, understanding and commitment, our web-site will be here for years to come. The new site is now ready.


J. Edward "Bud" Josey





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Josey Reunion, Milledgeville, GA

April 28-30, 2017

For information Contact;  Will Josey, Pres. or

Priscilla Knight





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